Don’t Ask For Mercy From The Villainess
Don’t Ask For Mercy From The Villainess



2022-08-17 15:26:06

‘I’d make a pact with the devil if I could only have my revenge!’

Jessica, who was framed and killed even though she had put her beloved prince on the throne and dedicated everything for him.

“It’s for your sake. Isn’t it in your best interest to be for me?”

Deceived by the sweet flattery, the only thing that came back to her was the stigma of being a rare witch.

When she came back to life, she made up her mind.

‘I will take what the man who betrayed me wanted most and ruin his future.’

She approached the first prince, Salipe Ert, who was killed by her hand in a previous life, for revenge. But…

“Shall we draw up a contract then?”

“A contract?”

“Since this engagement is based on the interest of Your Highness and I, naturally we must draw up a contract.”

Jessica unfolded the black fan in her hand and covered her face. The edges of her mouth lifted slightly. Salipe was speechless seeing those serious, smiling eyes.

Facing the gentle gaze, the mischievous and sparkling light in her eyes, he felt as if someone was squeezing his heart.