Cinderella wa Sagasanai
Cinderella wa Sagasanai

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2022-08-17 17:08:18

My name is “Araki Jin”.

A second year student attending a high school in the city.

On my way home from shopping, I looked up at the tower apartment with my little sister who had just gone to elementary school.

My little sister, Mai, described a 50-story structure building that was just built last month as “It looks like a castle!”.

From my POV, it looked like a cold inorganic object. ……Of course, I’m not being sarcastic.

In order to satisfy my sister’s longing for fairy tales.

“Maybe a princess lives here.”

I say to myself.

And at the same time I think,

-A princess has nothing to do with us.

But I was wrong.

Reality is not a fairy tale.

A prince can be a bad guy, and a monster can be a hero.

That’s why it’s possible for me to meet the princess, Shindo Rei, who lives on the top floor of a tower apartment building.

If you don’t mind, please listen.

This is a fairytale story about me and Rei, but it’s not a lie, it’s reality.