Meshitaki Onna ni Yakuza no Ai wa Omosugiru
Meshitaki Onna ni Yakuza no Ai wa Omosugiru



2022-08-17 20:03:15

27-year-old Shindo Nanao lives in a rundown apartment in the metropolitan Tokyo area. In strange circumstances, she gave her neighbor tonjiru and white rice, but unexpectedly her neighbor-san’s place was a hangout for people in the “Ya” business.

These ill-bred starving school-children―― Rather, this yakuza bunch who were starving for the taste of home got attached to Nanao. While twisting her neck to the unexpected situation she continued being their kitchenmaid , but one day she encountered an unfamiliar man in an expensive suit――

Eh, it can’t be, this guy is a big shot? In other words, someone at the top of the group?

No, I am a mere kitchenmaid, so don’t pay me any mind!

Hohoho, really don’t mind meeee!!!

What will be of Nanao’s fate where a yakuza has gotten fixated on her under unusual circumstances?